Our Story

Vaper Stream is a wholesaler and reseller of Malaysian Premium E-Liquids. Vaper Stream was founded in 2016. While the Vaping industry was making high waves in the UK & European Markets.

We recognise there is a hugh demand in the UK & Europe for Malaysian Premium Quality E-Liquid.Our team are involved in ensuring that the demand is met by importing the products into the UK & Distributing them to the UK & European Retailers. 

We combine our industry wide knowledge and expertise with our suppliers and manufacturers with extensive research in the market to ensure we import only the most current and update demanding products.

We work excessively to support our retailers. By making sure they are equipped with the necessary promotion materials to market the products we distribute. We all so ensure that all the products we distribute are of the highest quality in the market,compliant with trading standards and local regulations.

Building vaper Stream to what is today could not of come without the great support from retailers and extreme response from vape lovers this is what drives me to build this company day by day . If it wasn’t for you all I would not be where I am today. We will continue to build relationships with all retailers and customers to ensure we are delivering our best possible Vaping experience.

Vaper Stream Ltd

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